Monday, June 25, 2007

We just went away for a Sunday and Monday and did some concerts. After our concert today, we went out to Chinese, and then I took a nap on the way home - must have been 20 minutes, max. Now I feel so exhausted and tired, I can't believe it :p

Tonight Carol and I have to go to band. I feel to tired to play, I know I'm going to be half asleep as it gets to the second half of the concert.


At our concert today we met one of the shortest adults in the world (she was shorter than Hannah!) and a 93 year old movie star, Kay Linaker, who starred in a lot of movies with Charlie Chan. I'll blog a picture of the movie star at some point, because they're on Carol's camera right now and I don't have a reader that takes her cards.

Off to try to shake off the snoozy feeling......

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