Friday, June 01, 2007

Yesterday I had that weird dry throat thing going on. Today I'm sure of it; I've caught some kind of sickness primarily affecting my sinuses and throat. Yuck. It could be a lot worse. Now I have that weird stuffed up sound when I talk. Hooray :D Tomorrow I'm supposed to sing a song that I wrote at a concert for the first time! I'd better bring tea to drink.


I've discovered a super delicious shake: 3/4s of a frozen orange (visit Florida in the winter and pick up oranges no one harvests from their trees!), 1 1/2 scoops whey powder (have a mom that wants to ferment things with whey), and 1 tablespoon flax seeds. Then you add probably 6-7 ice cubes and a little water. I'm not sure if it'd work in a regular blender but in our 3 horse power blender it turns out like sorbet or something. No sweetener required! I also make the same thing that's chocolate, only I use a few teaspoons of unsweet chocolate powder and a few dates instead of the orange and I might add a few nuts. If you let it melt it turns back into a regular shake. It can't have many calories either, and it makes a great snack.


I worked a bunch of difference places today and biked 5 miles. I'm so tired! I tried to up the weights for bicep curls by tying my two 10 lb dumbbells together. It worked great!

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