Monday, July 09, 2007

I learned that instead of asking "Donde esta el agua?" in Spanish, you should say "Donde hay el agua?" (with the first upside down question mark as well, but I can't type that.)

We went to a family reunion on Long Island and the two hired help guys both spoke fluent Spanish. I tried to communicate a little, and the one guy said the good thing was I was trying :P I tried also to speak with another guy there who spoke Spanish and he was very kind but laughed after one sentence I tried to put together from what I knew and not one I had ever heard before. It was kinda funny, because you know it's like someone speaking very broken English and putting words in the wrong order.

So here are some pics from the reunion.

The boys around the dessert table. AND BY THE WAY IT WAS NATHAN'S BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! Happy Birthday Nathan :) You're growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it.
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I hope Carol doesn't mind my blogging this, I thought it was such a cool self portrait.
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My great uncle (the host) and I.
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We passed out tracks Saturday night at the fireworks but I want to devote a whole post to a summation of that experience and I don't have the time to right now.

I also have some other thoughts and observations that I'm not organized enough to get into. It probably wouldn't make sense to anyone, including myself, at this point :)


At the park today I did 2 sets of 5 pull ups, couldn't finish the 3rd set of five (only did 3, then I did two singles to finish the set of 5), then I did one set of 12 negatives, then two sets of 6.

I did two sets of 17 pushups (one with feet elevated) then I was way too tired to do another set and my palm started hurting. So on my way home from the park I did one set of 12 in the grass, and once I got home I did two sets of 12 - one a knee to elbow variation, the other a variation where your leg crosses in front of you as you lower yourself, back to normal position as you push up. They helped a lot because they put different stresses on your muscles. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do anymore. I feel lazy. But, that's another topic for another post, and if I go into how I feel at this moment, I'll be posting those thoughts that I said I wasn't ready to!

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