Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So last weekend we went out and passed out about a thousand tracts at a big fireworks gathering. It was very interesting. At first I was very intimidated. I asked some of my younger brothers if they wanted to come with me but they were more interested in going with my older brothers, and when I go with them I don't really do much. So I started walking towards one side of the field and I felt as if surely the woman sitting in the chair would see me coming from a very long way off and wonder what I was doing. Miss Coward turned instead to the chairs directly to her right, in hopes that the sudden approach wouldn't arouse suspiscion. "Did you get one of these?" I asked, offering a pamphlet printed with the very message that countless have died for through the ages.

A lot of people took tracts, few refused. I met a few Christians who claimed to be genuine believers but admitted they aren't as active in sharing their faith as they ought to be. I gave them tracts anyway and asked them to please check out Way Of The Master. All in all, it was a great experience and hopefully next time I will be less timid about starting out. I ran into some neighbors who I didn't previously have the opportunity to witness to and had a good conversation, and I saw some people who were actually listening and appeared to be understanding the Gospel.

Here's a picture my sister took. One of the guys is an old friend, and he had never heard of Way Of The Master so I took it upon myself to promote the complete Gospel message that includes the law. Most of my encounters were away from my sister (and the camera). I hope by seeing real life encounters and hearing about them will encourage you to do the same. It's harder for me to witness to people I know (ironic, isn't it?) but it's important even if the only you can get the nerve to witness to strangers.
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Yesterday I nearly broke my record of 8 pull ups. I just couldn't bring myself to do the 9th. I'm not sure why I seem stuck there. Maybe I need to do more negatives. I did the nordic track today and got all red and sweaty. I wonder how much wearing headphones hinders the body's ability to cool itself. How much heat gets expelled through your ears? I know it's a lot warmer in the winter to wear a hat or scarf that covers my ears.

Since I've been talking about these alternative pushups I've been trying, here's a link a demonstration at youtube. They're really interesting and stress different muscles. Youtube is getting just plain gross these days. I can't vouch for any links there.

I've also discovered that I might be able to work up to a one armed pushup by employing an approximately waist high railing. I grip the railing with one hand and try to keep my body straight and lower it as close to the railing as possible. I can't make it till my chest hits the bar, but I figure it must be doing some good. There's also a low bar at the playground on which I can practice one armed pull ups. If I stand under it I can help myself up with my legs while trying to put as much strain on my arm as possible while still performing the movement.

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