Monday, July 23, 2007

This weekend we did a few gigs in New Hampshire. We had a great time. Someone from a forum I visit (and moderate, incidentally!) showed up to the concert with his wife. The forum is really small, and it was cool to meet someone who knows almost everyone at that forum that I know (online, at least).

I almost forgot to take a picture, but when he mentioned he had taken pictures I remembered, grabbed Carol's camera and his wife took a shot of us.

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Now I hope no one is offended by bare shins.

This is the result of picking raspberries with capris on and not paying attention to what's going on near the ground. It was kind of overgrown where I was picking and I REALLY wanted those berries!

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The second time I went to pick I stepped in a red ant hill (not the kind they have down south) and my leg felt a little itchy at first and then all the sudden it hurt and I looked down and there must have been 25 ants on me biting all at once No marks though, and the stinging didn't last. I can only imagine what would have resulted had the ants been fire ants!


I'm not making much progress muscularly, but that's ok.
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I'm starting not to really care what they look like. It's kind of ridiculous, my muscles are almost totally flat unless I'm flexing, and then who cares what they look like flexed? To make a lot more gains I'd have to put a lot more into it, and I'm not only not that disciplined, I just can't see spending my life on that. Maybe if I had access to a gym with proper equipment it'd be easier. It's as if to make X about of gains, you need to put N amount of effort, but to make X(2) gains, you'd have to put in N(5) amount of effort. Maybe it isn't that way, but it seems like it. It's easier to lost 5 lbs when you're 200 lbs overweight than when you're 5 lbs overweight (it seems). It's easier to put on muscle when you have none than when you have enough to make it look like you have a little. Ok, I'm done theorizing and confusing myself!

Meanwhile, I've yet again failed my goal of 10 pull ups (I was going to do 10, 4, 3, 2, 1) I did 5 sets of 5, then 2 negatives with my little brother pulling on my legs. But hey, big deal. If I worry over this stuff then it's not worth it.


I used to rarely venture to the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah because they're "dry phophetic books." No way! I've been reading them along with Matthew and the rest of the Gospels and it's really neat to see the quotes in the New Testament from the Old and how they work together. I'd highly suggest you do this. I'm not sure what ratios of each book you'd have to read to get them done at the same time. Just start reading x amount of chapters a day and whichever one you finish first, read over again while you're finishing the others.

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