Friday, July 06, 2007

What does the general audience feel about drawing posts? Of course, I don't really care what you think, I'm just asking to be polite ;) Someone told me never to worry about the blogging audience and I think that to a certain degree that's true. I don't want to have half hearted posts because I'm worried what someone would think. Hey, if I think I'm stupid, I'm not going to water it down! Of course, not thinking about the audience could have some serious implications, but if I treat it as I would a real life conversation I think I'll be safe. Hopefully I don't say things here I wouldn't say to someone in real life. Although, sometimes I blog about situations where I would be very uncomfortable to have to tell someone something, or I don't have a clue what to say to them about it (IE, your clothing was very distasteful, as in extremely unmodest, or your church service was really not very God centered.)

So on to the original topic; One common thread in all of the drawing blogs I find is that they contain nude drawings. I'm not entirely convinced either way on the subject of drawing nudes for study purposes (I'm sure somewhere down the road I will figure it out), but I don't intend to draw them now and I certainly don't intend to have any nudes on my blog. So look with relative safety! I'm a beginner. A lot of times my drawings don't end up looking like the subject. At the moment, I'm having a difficult time drawing heads/faces. Clothing is really fun to draw, but when it comes to putting a face on someone I freeze up and while they might look remotely like a human being, they don't look like the person.

I'm not going to start blogging artwork because I need affirmation, and if you don't want to comment on it that's fine. I just enjoy looking at blogs of drawings so much I thought I ought to share some of my own in hopes that someone else will be inspired or be prompted to look at art in a new light.

Soo..expect, later today, some pictures of pencil or charcoal drawings I've been working on. Don't hold your breath :p


Ok...it's later today! I keep most of my current art in this red binder, and I keep my Drawing With the Right Side of The Brain in there as well. I still haven't done all of the exercises in there.

Here's a face I drew some months ago (maybe a year, even?!), as instructed in the book to have as a before drawing. It's relatively flat and not at all lifelike.
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A few months later, it was getting a liiiittle better.
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I got a book from the library by Marsha Hunt called What We Wore. It's all about fashions from the 30s and 40s (maybe some 50s too?). I picked out something with a few shadows to draw because I find that a lot easier! The more shadows the better, I think.
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And finally, I was looking around for something to draw and I saw a pattern for a skirt with a girl on the front modeling it.
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