Monday, August 06, 2007

As I type I'm uploaded a fairly large number of photos. This is an effort to make up for my great lack of blogging. It seems blogging gets constantly pushed to the end of my list of things to do, or never makes it to the list to begin with.

This weekend we went to NH to our good friends the Bartletts' house, related to Jonathan on my sidebar list of blogs (they're his grandparents.) We had such a great time! We got to meet their other grandkids, Jonathan's cousins. Here's all of us after our last concert in their town:
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So...to begin with, we swam in the lake they live on. Their neighbors are really nice - one loaned us all of his kayaks and boats, and the other gave us rides (and let some of us drive!) his new jet skis. More on that to follow.

Matthew kayaked.
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Mom kayaked.
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Vincent and Peter took the canoe out.
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I think almost everyone got to go around in the kayaks :) On Friday night I thought it'd be fun to go all the way around the lake and so Vincent, Peter and I decided to get up early and do it before breakfast. I think it was only about 4 miles round trip. We made it out by 6:45am and returned in plenty of time for breakfast at 8:30am.

The riding of the jet skis was SOOOOOOOO fun! They were three seaters that we were riding and I went with the neighbor and Hannah. He let me drive it! He said I was going too slow around the corners and I was going to tip us over if I slowed in the waves :( So they finally he got tired of me going too slow, I think (lol), and he leaned over and said "look here, this is how to do it," and we went flying around the corners. I sort of got over my reflex that we were going to fall over and I went a little faster - 51 mph on the straightaway with the throttle wide open :D Then he took it again (Hannah kept saying "Why don't you do it, you're more fun than her (me)") and we went very fast, made loopdeloos, figure eights, and a few tailspin like things where we stopped really suddenly in a turn and the back end went flying. It was exhilarating. I thought it was funny how Hannah would genuinely be yelling in fear and then the next minute say "Do it again! Do it again!" The guy asked her if she wasn't an adrenaline junky, lol.

The guys went skiing after that, but they were on the other side of the lake and Carol didn't get any pictures.

I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts on these pictures. Carol seems to do such a good job at telling the story with pictures - I seem to post them in any old way :p

Here's a picture of Peter I really liked. I didn't take it. Most of the pictures I blog I haven't taken :p
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And here's Hannah! I don't know why but she reminds me of the little girl in the Sound of Music movie.
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Here's the church we sang in on Sunday morning in Concord, NH.
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And here's the really nice sign Mr. Bartlett put together :D
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The lettering is a lot neater than it was on mine that I made a few weeks ago, lol.

I didn't know Mr. Bartlett was a hairdresser!
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You find out shocking things every day, I tell you :)


We had been gone for 7 days when we got home last week, then we slept here for one night and then went out for this weekend. I'm not sure when this happened, but my picture fell off the wall and the glass broke! One time I hung a picture next to my bed with a piece of glass in the frame and during the night I slept "pulled" the picture off the wall and when I got up the glass was broken :( Thankfully I'm learning not to put things next to my bed that I'm going to hurt myself on. And I haven't done much besides sleep talking lately, I don't think.

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I did a little drawing last weekend at Odosagih. I was trying to sketch people but it was so hard - they move all around! I decided to sketch my hand instead and here is one of the sketchings.
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(am I ever going to learn how to sketch my right hand if I always draw with my right hand???)

Here are some different views of heads I did. They look kinda ugly but I guess it helped me a tiny bit in understanding what the head looks like.
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This, incidentally is a sketch of the the picture that fell off my wall - I sketched
it while I was being lazy and lying on my bed. I had the sudden urge to draw SOMETHING so I picked up my pen and paper and scribbled away.
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And I think the scribbly pen drawings are really interesting, where you build up light and dark values with more or less scribbles. I tried it just a bit there at the top with the nose and mouth.


Does this say anything about my efforts to exercise?

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When I told a friend I got an exercise bike and told him it was nice, he said "Yeah, to hang clothes on, right?" Of course I said "No way, I just used it today," (I had.) And besides, I'm not hanging clothes on it. I'm hanging towels :D

Some of my room really IS organized, btw. Check out this bookshelf :D
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It probably doesn't look very neat, but I know where just about everything is. Some of the movies on my wall, btw, are not ones I recommend. It's a funny thing with movies - sometimes I watch them, cringe through the stuff I'd rather not have in there, but I just leave them there because I forget about the bad stuff. They're kind of in holding right now, just like the Hobbit books I have. I've read them 4 or 5 times, but I don't quite feel right about reading them again when I have vehemently argued against Harry Potter. It's easiest for me to leave them on my shelf. I'm not tempted to read them again, but it'd be hard to just chuck them. Any thoughts?

Well..I guess that sums it up for this post.

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