Thursday, August 09, 2007

Howdy people.

Aren't all of my readers people? I have yet to hear of any animals reading my blog. You never know, though.


Not too long ago I acquired an older cassette version of Pimsleur in Spanish. Despite the claim in their title text at the top of the box, it takes a lot more than 10 days to learn a language if you're going to learn anything more than a smattering of the language. Maybe there are people who can learn how to speak reasonably well in a very short period of time, but I'm not one of them :)

Since I'm unhitched at the moment, should I do as this article suggests? This article seems a little more practical, but you never know what's around the corner ;)

I've been thinking about practical ways to improve my Spanish. The top on my list is to continue with Pimsleur each day until my brain is seemingly saturated and I am having trouble remembering what I heard just the minute before. The second would be to have some type of contact with Spanish speaking friends. I've done a little bit of emailing but when I email I can use a dictionary and a verb book (which I do, almost constantly.) That's a help, but I'd like to improve my spoken Spanish. There's phone calling, but I'm really really afraid to do this. I'm afraid I will say two sentences in Spanish and get stuck and not have anything else to say, and I'll just talk about how terrible my study habits are and how I need to study more. Should I just take the plunge and call up people I know who speak Spanish? Brrrrng...brrrng...ok, they picked up. Uh, how do I say who I am again?


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