Friday, August 24, 2007

OOOOKKKKKKK... (I"m trying to imitate youtube's Daniel Gardner in his latest video, FFFFFBBBBBBBIIIIIIIII.)

I want to let you all know that I've gone through my first page of posts and left follow up comments to y'all that have left comments. I'm afraid that's one aspect of blogging I've been neglecting for a while. So if you commented recently, you probably have a reply now so you can go check it out :)


My mom and I went to the studio yesterday and I put some guitar tracks down. I haven't talked much about our CD lately because we haven't been able to work on it weekends as we've been out singing. Now, however, the singing schedule is slowing a bit and we are now going to be working at the studio more.

I drove to and back from the studio and on the way home we went to Home Depot to get parts for my brother's installation of the airhorn on our bus. I wasn't sure which exit it was at, so we called my dad, and since I guess he drives more by feel on the roads he knows, he said it was the one after a certain rest area. Well I got off on the one RIGHT after, and it was the wrong one! We ended up in the wrong shopping mall so I called my dad and said "Dad, I'm lost." I wasn't really lost, I guess, because I knew how to get back on the highway. But I wasn't sure how to get to Home Depot from there. Anyhow, I managed to get us to the studio, Home Depot, and then home in two pieces (my mom and I).

I know for sure I have not gotten over the thrill of driving. I kid you not, my heart rate goes up when I pass people on the highway. I'm not sure exactly why, it seems commonplace enough. I should just be thankful I haven't matured to the point where I need to go over 100 mph to get my heart rate up. Hey, I don't need to spend $50 at Six Flags, I just need to go driving...uh, yeah....


I'm getting in that thinking-intensely-but-unable-to-pin-down-what-about mode. A few months ago while complaining to a friend about feeling like I was blowing whole days without doing anything, I was advised to make a to do list. I've been doing that on most days since and it helps so much!

I put my MIT - Most Important Task - at the top. These are things that have deadlines or are very important but I'm apt to forget. Generally I have a personal list of things that I do not write down but are very important. Those are my MUST DO'S and I just keep them in my memory since I do them daily.

After that I might have a few VIs - Very Important. These are things that I really need to get done but they may wait if absolutely necessary.

Then I put down things that I'm hoping to accomplish, however far I get on the list is ok. My list today looks something like this:

MIT: Pimsleur (Spanish study)

MIT2: Practice guitar break for studio work tonight

VI: work abs, take l-glutamine

Clean sink upstairs

Clean room - desks, floor, dresser, bed

Vacuum Stairs

Drink 8 glasses of water _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (I check off each one)

Get rid of bags for giveaway on floor

Return books to library - renew movies I haven't watched yet

Do Laundry

Fix broken links at website

Write down ideas for consumer friendly computer 3D modeling program (have you ever tried to work with Blender?) It's HARD! I have an idea, but I need to do research on it because I'm not sure if a program like the one I envision already exists. I would really like to find one that does what I want it to, and I think it would be great fun even for just a game.

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