Thursday, August 16, 2007

The other day my mom, sister and I headed out to pick berries. Vincent was to follow later on on his bike. Soo...we got up there, picked a while, then Vincent shows up and the farmer told him not to go by the bulls because they've only seen a motorcycle once and they'll freak out. We picked a while, then Vincent went home. We picked a while more, then we went to leave and while I was getting into the car mom said "Look!" and I turned to look and my heart kinda went "pitter patter" as I looked and heard a large form coming towards us quickly, but it was just the bull on the other side of the electric fence. Of course, after noticing little tunnels in the overgrowth by the woods at the edge of the field, I was expecting something more like a bear or something :)

In the car, while backing up, I told mom how I've been really nervous lately for no reason, and I wondered why.

"Oh my, look at the bull. Oh! BONNIE GO GO GO!" Then, "Bonnie, no, stop!" I was pulling forward now, in between the blueberry field and the bull field and all the of sudden my mom and sister freaked and I almost started laughing because I wasn't askeert of the bull (wasn't very nice of me.) It was tossing it's horns and stomping in the grass on the other side of the fence, but he kept looking straight at my mom and she thought he was going to charge the car. It was really funny at the time, less funny now because I feel bad for making light of the situation when other people were apprehensive about it. But anyhow, I didn't step on the gas but stopped, and then since the bull wouldn't leave us alone, my mom suggested we turn off the car and I did. Carol prayed and thanked God for the day and the safety he gives us, and then the bull started eating grass, walked away still eating, and then we left.

Anyhow, next time we went we drove down the other side :D

Today my back is really aching from (I think, and someone has suggested) pushups with my feet elevated (and possibly the other variations I did). I was seriously considering (and still am) hiring my 8 year old sister to give me an upper back massage :| I think she could do it, and then I could tell people I hire a private massage therapist :)

I haven't checked this all the way, but this site looks really interesting. It's a list of common errors in English.

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