Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today we have two concerts in VT and I am on wireless in the bus waiting to go to the concert this evening.

On our way from yesterday's concert to this morning's concert we went down a dirt road in VT and ended up here - The Floating Bridge! There was a 6,000 lb weight limit (we're around 18 tons) so we backed up to the end of the road. We just thought it was a broken bridge (there weren't any signs that we saw) and were shocked this morning when they told us it was meant to be in the water. To quote one of the comments in the link above, "Go figger."

After going down that road we had to go down another dirt road. Everything was fine until about a mile and half down - the road took a sharp turn and there were big ruts and GRASS in the road :( Stuff like that and buses don't mix well. So we backed up a good ways until we came to a driveway that we could turn around in.

Our morning was, uh, interesting :) Hopefully Carol will update before too long with pictures.

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