Saturday, September 22, 2007

I just finished reading a book on the Nuremberg Trials. If, perchance, you either never learned exactly went on at the Nuremberg Trials, or you learned once and forgot, take a minute to look it up and find out what happened. It basically are the trials that took place in Germany shortly after WWII that was headed up by the US, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet. Very interesting read, especially some of the eyewitness testimony, and of course, the end result of the trials.

This afternoon I was in the bus getting something to eat while parked at the studio and I happened to see an older cucumber in the vegetable bin. This happens sometimes because we put things in the fridge for weekend trips and don't always get them back to the house before they expire. It was just a little bit soft. Actually, it was a lot soft! I thought to myself how prized a fairly fresh cucumber would be if I was in a prison camp starving. I cut off all the bad parts and took a bite. Then I smelled it and I spit out what I was eating because it smelled kind of weird, but then I thought "How bad could it be?" and finished the rest of it off.

Fast forward an hour or two and I eat a few tacos. I did put some hot sauce on them, but no more than usual, and I ate a lot less than I normally would eat when eating tacos. Right after I ate I felt so sick I had to lie down and I fell asleep on the couch in a room where the guys were playing games LOUDLY. I couldn't figure out why I was so sick feeling but a little while later when I woke up I happened to mention the cucumber to someone there at the studio. She said she did something just like that - ate an older cucumber - and ended up throwing it up in the middle of the night :(

So I don't think I'll eat anymore rotten cucumbers if I don't need to. And I guess that should make me doubly thankful - that I don't have to eat rotten cucumbers to stay alive, and I don't have to feel sick like that all of the time!


Read about a woman who had 23 pins stuck in her as a baby and is now 29. She just found out about the needles recently. Ug. This is just one happy result of the mindset displayed in China's one child policy.

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