Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today we went haying again!

I'm so exhausted. Between the first and second rounds of haying I mucked out foot baths and refilled them with water, which wasn't very hard but it was kind of dirty :D Then we put up fence till the last hay came in. My back was a little sore from this weeks' pushups and bench pressing. I don't know why it bothers my back, or what I'm going to do to avoid it.

I started a new diet. It's called Eat All The Chocolate You Want. I think it's going to work! The pot belly it promises to deliver is most sure to show up on me before long. There go my ab dents...I've never really wanted to be "trim," or "lean" anyhow, right?!


I've been reading a lot about nuclear facilities and in particular Cherynobyl. My interest was partially sparked by a friend who adopted a disabled boy from Russia who I had thought was disabled due to the longterm effects of Chernobyl (it turns out it was drug use of the mother.) So I've been reading just a smattering, mostly light books. The kind you can sit down and read in 20 minutes to an hour.

I've been finding it's very fun to go to any section in the library and get any book that looks interesting. I've read about the Bermuda Triangle, internet economics, chocolate bars, and Bill Gates and the internet. Topics I have yet to read are about the local flooding of several communities years ago and a book on Wales.


For my flatpicking friends, here's a new flatpicking video.

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