Saturday, October 13, 2007

A few months ago I was making our weekly pizzas and I thought I should take some footage to make a video of. So I used my camera without a tripod (and got it all floury and greasy, lol) and made pizza. Then I lost the cable to my camera (someone borrowed it) and I wasn't able to upload it. I bought a new cable on ebay and then the day before it came I FOUND THE OLD ONE! So anyhow, I edited this about a week ago and now that I am on a stable wireless line at the library in Columbus (thanks library!), I have uploaded it.

So here tis.

Click here to go right to the video at youtube.


Carol made a big post just recently and I'll just steal one or two pictures to make you want to go to her blog :) There are many many more pictures there, so by all means if you want to see our recent travel stuff (including a trip to Cabela's, all I can say about that place is WOW, and if you ever get a chance to visit one, even if you're not into hunting, then visit! It's like a free museum).

Someone had a lucky day. (just kidding.) I feel bad for the guy who did this, it wasn't even his vehicle he was driving!
Accident in the Parking Lot at Flying J

Mom and Hannah at Cabela's

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