Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bonnie has a cold!!!! Score one for the germs. (Cue: applause. Scattered "boos" from the Bonnie supporters).

The rest of the family has already gotten it, which means maybe I'll be the last one to get over it. I've been making pot after pot of tea in my handy little 4 cup coffee maker that resides in my room. Coffee most mornings, then assorted regular teas before lunch, then decaf herbal teas after lunch.

I've been putting significant time into playing my guitar, but my hands have started to bother me. My brother is also having problems with his hands and wrists, and strangely enough my sister and I got an ache in the same part of our back within two days of each other. I think it's the cold, so hopefully it'll be over and I'll be back to normal practice! In the meantime, I'll be working on my guitar technique to make it as little wearing on my hands as possible.


It's so amazing how the human mind can change. From year to year, day to day, and even moment by moment. Satisfied, unsatisfied. Happy, unhappy. When circumstances dictate how we feel 100%, I guess we get into trouble. But then, can our emotions ever be separate entirely from our circumstances? Does a martyr who dies at the stake for God feel some sort of emotional turmoil, though 100% committed and satisfied by Christ? Or does being able to trust completely on God make us able to separate us from the wildly strong effects that emotion can have on us? Or are we strong in Christ when - though we have emotions flowing hotly through our veins - we put out trust in God and work through the emotions to do what's right?

I'm so tired. We had company over and I felt like sleeping while I was standing by the woodstove. I've been staying up too late. I keep hearing people talk about how a lot of people get TOO much sleep, and that we've trained ourselves to need too much. Maybe that's true, but since I'm sitting here blowing my nose, I think going to bed an hour early can't do any harm. (scattered claps for the Bonnie team. Laughs from the germ team.)


I brought home a new Spanish course from the library. It is good for me to get back into it. I wrote a post at Generalismo.com about learning languages and I got an email shortly after about www.livemocha.com. It looks like a really cool language site and I'm glad they let me know about it.
I've learned some new words from the course from the library, and even listening to simple phrases over and over again is helping.
Mi coche es rojo. Ahh! No tengo un coche! hahah.

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