Friday, November 23, 2007

I got a new cold. Whoooo hoo. At least I'm trying to look on the bright side ;) This one entails a fairly bad sore throat at night, congestion, dizziness, and a slight nauseated feeling.

I have watched two movies in two days. That is an unheard of thing in this season of time in my life. I get movies out from the library, have them for a week, and then bring them back. (Before I get a chance to watch them!) The movies I watched were While You Were Sleeping, and The Harvey Girls. The first one was OK I guess, but there was so much taking of the Lord's name in vain that I would not watch it again, and I can't recommend it. I was looking up the second one online so I could link to it and found some information here on the real Harvey Girls.

The Harvey Girls is an old B+W movie that seemed promising, but then it turns out that the main characters make some silly decisions and I was disappointed with it.

I also read 3/4s of the book Screwtape Letters, by Clive Staples Lewis. Thought provoking, to say the least.


Speaking of colds, I took a video of me taking some garlic. What a wonderful topic :| I don't particularly like raw garlic in large amounts, but I have found a fairly good way to take it. I do like raw garlic on toast with cheese though, that's very yummy.

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