Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Since I am sick, I've spent a lot more time at the computer than usual. I found out that Ray Comfort has a blog, and while reading the comments on one of his posts I found this guy's blog, Puritan Fellowship. I checked out a few of the posts and I found one called Leonard Ravenhill Quotes. I don't know anything about Ravenhill, I had never heard of him. One of the quotes struck me particularly, though.

"Some women will spend thirty minutes to an hour preparing for church externally (putting on special clothes and makeup, etc.). What would happen if we all spent the same amount of time preparing internally for church—with prayer and meditation?"

Now as a performer, I know that it does take a few minutes to go from street-clothes to ready to sing for an audience. I'm very guilty of neglecting more important things by convincing myself that it's my very duty to look the part and to spend the time to make myself that way. I shouldn't look unprepared for a concert, but I shouldn't put the one before other priorities - preparing with the One who I'm singing for.

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