Thursday, November 29, 2007

This morning I thought this cold was over. My symptoms were greatly lessened and I thought life was going to go back to normal. A few hours later, my sinus was aching again, I was sneezing, I couldn't breath through my nose (but it was still dripping), and my eyes were all watery. You're welcome for such a pleasant description :) I did leave out a few details.

I haven't taken garlic since Saturday. I know I should, but until yesterday I hadn't eaten much of anything and I'm afraid to take it on an empty stomach. I took apple cider vinegar again. I've been drinking Mom's broth.

Thinking about all of the oranges I've eaten, I was prompted to think about the way that oranges were at one time considered a special treat. With the way our dollar is losing value, will it be long until buying an orange in the USA is considered a luxury, best saved for holidays?

The VCR I've been using made it 3/4s of the way through a movie and refuses to play the rest. All I can do about that is shrug and sneeze. And maybe hit it with my hand. The way they make them nowadays is so it's hard to get them open. There are no screws visible on the bottom. It's too taxing to sit there and try to fix it between nose blows. I think I'll hit it again.

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