Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today I updated our family website with new family pictures under the bios page.

I also updated Generalismo.com


I'm kind of bummed because I didn't finish my guitar practice due to a sore thumb. I hate that achy feel that warns me that I'll have overdone it in a few more minutes, but I'm glad I'm made aware that I need to rest it.

I also made cookies. I wonder if people who read my blog regularly can tell when I'm distracted, and my mind is not really on blogging. Lol.

Ummm....yeah. I really need to focus. I find plenty of things about myself to complain about, but when I do that I'm really being self centered. Of course, it's not good to complain about other people constantly either. I guess complaining doesn't do much good. It just makes you feel depressed.

Maybe I need to start a new quilt. I finished this pink one a while ago (I don't remember if I blogged pictures already) and I hung it on my wall just to have something nice to look at. I'm not very happy with the way some of the blocks just look "weird," but it is variety, and I didn't want to do just plain boxes. I guess now I can look at all of those and figure out which ones I would like to do in another quilt, and which blocks don't make the cut. I just went to take a picture of it and the batteries on the camera are dead :(

Oh well.

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