Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Anyone looking for a pet rooster? I posted an ad at Craigslist and at Freecycle that reads something like the following:

Our family has raised a rooster from a chick as a pet. He is about 4 months old and is friendly. We hold him on our laps and he will go to sleep while we’re holding him. We wish we didn’t have to give him up. We are leaving in a few weeks for a long road trip and we can’t take him along. His name is Clovis, but he has many nicknames.

He loves mashed potatoes and spaghetti. At our house he eats mostly leftovers with some grains. He’s very fond of kasha.

We would like to see our rooster go to anyone who is interested in a rooster, either for a regular rooster or a pet. We are just trying to keep him from the stew pot!

Cage measures approximately 15”x22” and 18.5” tall and comes free with the chicken.

I know some people have concerns about integrating a chicken into another flock of birds, I’ve never done it but I’ve found some information on how to help it go smoothly.

Also, I have a video of him here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z94ju6u6LYc

It shows him as a chick and also how he looked a week or two ago.

Please help Clovis!


I am doing some business with the US copyright office. I was surprised when I rounded up all the original tunes I have written (and "rough" recorded on my computer) there were 12. It's not many, but I didn't think there were that many. A friend down in TN who has been a songwriter for years has really encouraged me to write, and he reminds me that some writers write hundreds of songs but only have a handful that they really like (and I assume that other people like). That is helpful when you scrap song after song after being disgusted with it after a few hours. One of the tunes I've written turned out to where I really do like it, so I guess I only have 78 to go until I write another one!

It's hard to write from your heart. Everything gets so wrapped up in chords, and patterns that I fall into, etc. It's when I seemingly mindlessly burst out with a melody that I like the tune. Of course, I'm thinking of something in my head that fits the tune, but if I sit down to concentrate on something to write it doesn't always come out. I need to work on forgetting things - forgetting past intros, cliche patterns of notes or chord progressions, etc. It's almost like making your heart naked. It bares what's really inside. Maybe it's because I'm frightened to think what I'll find. Maybe I'll find all the indulgences I've allowed my sinful nature, and the losses of a million battles. Somehow I haven't been able to completely forget wrong things I've done. However, as much as these things remain in my human memory, I know Christ has healed my heart and I don't need to be frightened. I need to remind my frail, human heart that I'm not scarred - Christ is scarred for me. There's the real heartfelt song writing material - I suppose you could write a lifetime on the theme of Christ being scarred for our sins and not begin to finish the story.

One strange thing is that I'll try to write for part of the afternoon and come up with pretty much nothing, and then at 10 or 11pm when I'm in my bed getting sleepyheaded, something will pop into my head and I have to get up and write it down so I'll remember it in the morning.

Writing about the writing process is much akin so a beginner artist describing how they come to paint their pictures. They may not be that good, but the process can be interesting. Most of the tunes that come to me at night aren't great, but to me, the way in which I come across them is interesting.

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