Friday, December 21, 2007

I've decided to stay away from forums that might have debates going on for a while. Christian forums, in particular. Interjecting on a thread discussing guitar strings is one thing - making something that could be read as a retort to a Christian brother or sister is another thing. When I see something I feel is wrong, I feel so strongly like giving my opinion. But for one thing, a fool is the one who the Bible says likes to air his own opinions. Secondly, in a thread where everyone is basically just stating disagreements on how to interpret the Bible, what does my opinion do? It's rare enough that a friend says something that changes my mind on a belief I hold pretty strongly - how do strangers' opinions online help you to change?

There are many things in the Bible that I have questions about. Is the wisest thing to do in order to come to a conclusion to go to a forum made up of unknown people? I’ve never met at least 99 percent of them, never fellowshipped with them, never prayed with them, never worshipped together, never cried together, never laughed together, etc. Well, we may have said “lol” together, if that counts.

I’m not saying you have to be close friends to have a fruitful conversation, but it says in the Bible to be careful of the company you keep. And I’m not sure if keeping company with people I don’t know is wise. I know people can get to know each other well enough to know they want to marry each other online, but I’m not spending time like that with everyone on the forum! I guess some people could criticize me for spending time with non-Christians online, but I'm not getting into arguments about theology and maybe I'm being a witness, which is more than I can say about my worthless arguments about what a certain Bible verse means.

If you’re an internet only friend of mine, please don’t think this means I’m dropping all internet life and want you to go away. I just can’t justify the time spent at FORUMS right now. It’s too confusing and challenging, both mentally and spiritually. So please stick around!


 Also, the song I've written is now online at our website - here's a link to both of our albums and here's a link right to Mommy, Can't You Hear (or The Mommy Song).

Here are the words online. A few people have asked for them. I just checked and the version I sung was just a little different. They're something like this anyhow.

Vs 1: When you and dad were going out
It was against the rules
He’s left you all alone
It’s just you and me
Sitting silent in the dark
You looked outside your window
Thought about your life ahead
But I my life would lose

Chorus: Mommy, can’t you hear me crying
Hear me crying out for you
Mommy, can’t you see I’m dying
With my last breath, I cry for you

Vs 2: With tearstained eyes you left your car
And walked into that place
Where you and I would part
And never see your face
The battle rages in your heart
You knew it wasn’t right
But now that you have made your choice
I will pay the price


Vs 3: Now that I have long been gone
A tear rolls down your cheek
Memories are fading now
But still you feel the ache
Sometimes you are scared to face
The truth that lies ahead
Wondering what our lives would be
If you chose life instead

Mommy, can’t you hear love calling
Hear him calling out to you
Listen to the master
He will make your heart anew

Vs 4: On a day so long ago
A man laid down his life
For you to be the sacrifice
For him to pay the price
Now while you have breath in you
Turn your heart to him
Let him change your heart
You’ll be free from sin

Mommy, can’t you hear him calling
Hear him calling out to you
Dying, he came to save you
Living, he’ll set you free

Mommy, can’t you hear him calling, hear him calling out to you

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