Sunday, December 02, 2007

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Last night three of of were supposed to play in a community band concert, and all of us were supposed to lead a singalong piece. Well...two of us went to play, and two of us sang. We used the church's in house system (two 6 inch speakers), one of their mics and one of our mics. All over it went pretty well. I had been thinking maybe I would sneeze in the concert or something. I did earlier in the day, and I think I did after I came home. I've been sneezing today, and my nose is still getting its exercise. I am SOOO happy that my sinus doesn't ache like it did, and I think the infection is well away. Dad hasn't been coughing quite as much as he has been, and Vincent my brother's neck is a little less sore. But we're not sure if we're going to be able to sing Friday. It's supposed to be an overnight affair and the low that night here is going to be 13. We're going to be a good 60-70 miles NORTH of here.

Whew. It'll be interesting, to say the least.


I put up a new video at youtube, one which I invite my bi or multilingual readers to answer. What language do you think or dream in?


If you post at forums you might like this thing to use in your signature. It's attention catching, at the very least! Right click and save (it'll save as a gif, I think) and then upload it to your favorite photo hosting site (such as photobucket.com).

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