Sunday, December 09, 2007

When emotions are volatile, it is often a poor choice to pour your emotions all over your blog. I have the choice of either refraining, or giving in. I think I'll skirt around the issue...

Fingers don't express enough emotion. At least, mine don't. Maybe some people have so finely tuned their expertise in some skill involving fingers that they can actually pour out their emotion through them. But really when, say, a musician feels strongly about something, is the deepest expression of that person the music that comes "from his soul"? When he despairs, does he really sit down and improvise a song that comes from the heart, or in reality does he sit on the edge of his sofa and groan and cry and utter little squeaks between breaths.

How much regret can one person have? What is a measure of regret? - is it how much you try to change things so they'll be different in the future?

This probably amounts to what my grandfather says would be more suitable for a journal entry than for public consumption. I'd like to say I can't help myself, but in reality I really could say no to posting this. Maybe it's just therapy to write it down.

On another front of this whole thing, it'd be interesting to know exactly what happens when your emotions get the best of you and your chest heaves, your breath somehow gets blown out of you all at once, and the muscles in your neck and throat all knot up (especially if you resist). Meanwhile, your eyes feel the need for sudden extreme lubrication and you need a tissue or something. What exactly makes you do that? Does the brain just say "Ok, we've turned an emotional corner, all systems go."?

It's actually amazing to think how tuned our physical bodies can be to emotion. Have you ever really thought about what happens when you laugh? Just thinking about it is almost enough to make you laugh again. Laughing is a very strange thing when you dissect it, yet it comes naturally whenever you're tickled by something - either physically or mentally. Hahahaha. (weird). Yes, you can go ahead and laugh just to see what it sounds/feel like and then analyze it.


A string popped at our concert this evening. It was in the middle of a song. It was interesting. I had to retune the rest of the strings and then while the next tune was being played (piano) I put another string on.

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