Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy '08 everyone!

I haven't been blogging because I haven't been online. Monday night (the 24th), at about 11pm, I decided to take a break from being online from Christmas day until the new year started. So, with daily email checks, I managed to stay offline during that time.

Now, since it turned out so well, I am considering another one. This seems silly, since my readers are all online, and of course I like it when they're online to read my blog. But I'm not trying to tell you to go away, I'm just trying to say that life without internet was like a vacation! I had extra time each evening that I could spend cleaning, practicing, or doing whatever. So maybe consider just taking a day or two off - if you can without thinking about being online the whole time. All of my other breaks have been nervous, "I can't wait to get back on!" things. For some very odd reason, this one wasn't.

If I should turn my internet use into weekly excursions, I'd be sure to blog if I could. While we're on the road, I 'll have to take internet whenever I can get it and not worry about whether it's weekly. And email doesn't count as internet, so I can check that as often as I want.

While offline I discovered;

My computer is going bonkers again, so I had better stop and post this before I lose it. My computer starts to blink, then the windows move to the top of the screen and I'm not able to access things, or close them. When I open task manager to close them it often disappears in the mess. I hope it's a hardware (motherboard, someone told me?) problem because I can get it fixed with BestBuy.

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