Friday, January 25, 2008

Here are some pictures. Kinda late, but OK :) You wouldn't have known they were late if I hadn't told you :D

Our first concert went pretty good, and then we ate afterwards. About 3/4 of the way through the meal, I got a stomach ache. I started feeling just a little woozy, so I sat down while we were breaking down. We snapped some pictures because some of the Johnsons came and visited! I was feeling really sick in these pictures but it was right before all the blood drained from my lips and I looked positively green.

Johnson Girls and Us

Funny faces, anyone?


I ended up losing my supper, but I felt great the next day. I'm soooo thankful that I didn't have the flu!! It was fantastic to feel good the next day.

Here's the ocean we visited the next day with the Johnsons.

On The Windy Beach!


Last night I went out with our friends (who had one free seat) to a service they were doing music for. I brought my guitar and tried to stumble along with the chords on the songs that I didn't know :-) It was interesting, and a definite learning experience as the whole service was in Spanish. I didn't converse much, but I did understand some things - especially when they prayed, which was a little slower. It's hard to understand "machine gun" Spanish, as I've heard it referred to. It's very exciting when the conjugations start to work! And my friend here that we're with speaks Spanish. It's hard to speak in Spanish when our time is so limited and I don't understand very much of what she says (though she'll help me through till I DO understand what she says).

Here's a video I made for youtube. It's just a vlog.

Today we go south and our next concert is Sunday afternoon. Adios!

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