Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have to mention again the language site I found called LiveMocha.Com Check it out, it's free, yadda yadda. I also found a GREAT verb site for Spanish verbs, if you are a beginner like I am. This site will generate quizes to learn how to conjugate verbos en espaƱol.


Just whenI thought my hands were much better, I got around internet access and am having problems as bad as before they started to get bad. Both hands, occasionally both arms, ache like I've done a lot of strenuous things with them, even when I barely do anything with them.
I finished reading Frank Peretti's book, Monster, and at the end in the interview with him he mentions he writes for 5 hours a day and has to be careful with his hands. No kidding! Computer use will really do you in, folks. Monster was a pretty good book, by the way. I can't recommend it to squeamish readers who frequently have nightmares, but if you continue through the whole thing you'll find the story resolves itself in a way that doesn't leave you looking for monsters under your bed at night. I've learned the hard way that bad things you put in your mind take a looong time to fade, and sometimes they never completely come out of the back of your mind. Whatever is pure, whatever is noble, right, admirable, trustworthy, true, etc., think about such things! Not trash.

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