Sunday, January 06, 2008

I've got about 5 minutes to blog. I'm going to turn off the wireless switch on here and go to play guitar. Yesterday I had a devastating (playing-wise) thought. I thought what will change when I can play guitar better?

The only consolation I had was that playing guitar is better for my brain than being online or wasting time another way. But I got to thinking if my guitar playing is enjoyable, which it is most of the time, then doesn't practicing for hours everyday mean I'm lazy? And at that moment, thinking that practice must be unpleasant to be considered progress and not laziness, it was so discouraging to think about continuing. But thankfully, I think that this will pass and I'll be happy spending time with my guitar again. Work doesn't have to be unpleasant I don't suppose. But it has to be disciplined, so I need to continue!


Today Dad and Vincent went to the airport. Mom and I drove them, and on the way home (and right before we got there) we broke down 5 times! The car was just stalling and we'd have to wait for 15 minutes before continuing. It was interesting, to say the least, but at least Dad and Vincent made their flight, and God provided our needs.
I don't think we'll take the car out on another long trip anytime soon, though!


We leave Friday for a 9 week trip. Pray for us, please! I haven't packed anything, I suppose I should do that sometime before we go. Uh, yeah. That'd be a good idea. I rigged up a mixer and a mic in my room again, but the results were so discouraging I quit! I ought to do that soon though and do some serious critiquing. I did put a video up at youtube asking for critique, check it out on my page at youtube.

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