Thursday, January 10, 2008

We leave tomorrow for a 9 week trip! I think it's a little more than 9 weeks, actually.

I made a video for youtube on making signs for Ron Paul.

I can't remember if I just did this, but I gotta put a plug in for Ron Block here while I'm talking about Rons! Check out his website, and his list of music articles, specifically for banjo and guitar. No matter what instrument you play, I think it'll be inspiring. I may not agree with every one of his points, but there's sure a lot of good stuff there. His two albums have been great. Some of the songs lean a little more contemporary than my family likes, but overall it's great! Check out Faraway Land and Doorway at amazon.com. Just in case you didn't know, he's the guitar/banjo player for Alison Krauss and Union Station (he's all the way on the right in the photo on the homepage). He also has articles written on other facets of life, such as the books he's been reading and theology here.


I'm so excited about this trip. Carol put up a shelf on the far side of her bunk (we're both on the bottom level of the triple bunks) so I decided to put one up for mine this time and I think it's going to be very helpful. I always end up just piling stuff against the wall. All I need is a little padded pull down shelf for my laptop with the keyboard part inclined at just the right angle for typing while lying down :D Hopefully I'll make a video about this stuff. I think it'd be fun for people to see.


I almost forgot, I ordered glasses from Zennioptical.com. I got these half-rims and these full-rims (black!). And yes, you read correctly, the glasses (with lenses) were $8 a piece! I added anti-glare coating for $5 each, making my total for two prescription glasses only about $30. My sister got a few other ones and the shipping is only $5 for all of what we ordered so it's a little less. My eyes are pretty bad, but if you go a few steps further in the badness scale, you pay a little extra for extra strength. You can also buy more expensive frames, of course, but these black ones are kinda trendy and I don't know how I"m going to like them. You can also get rimless (what I wear now) for about $20, I think. We've bought two batches, so yes, they do really deliver. These should reach us on the road as our mail is forwarded, and it'll be neat to actually get them and see how they look on me :D

Goodbye for now, I'll blog when I can and hopefully will have pictures of where we have been!!!

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