Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey people! I set out to write a blog post and then when I finished an entire page of text, I felt like the post wasn't appropriate. Sometime last year my grandfather said that some of what he reads on my blog seems like journal material. Sometimes I post things without thinking them through all of the way, or later on I see the folly of what I'm saying. So instead of posting the rant I was going to, I'll just say "Hi!" and update y'all on what's been going on with me. I am in Florida and a mosquito is flying around my hands. Last night, one was flying around and I caught it, so I caught it. Then, since it didn't appear to have any blood in it, I ate it. Doesn't the Bible say something about having dominion over animals!? It was small anyhow, and I chewed it as best as I could to make sure there were no nematodes still alive in it (which, of course, I think might still be possible. I'm not sure how small they actually are.) Didn't taste like much though. Peter my brother said if we had a bunch of them and ate them all at once you might be able to tell what they taste like. Vincent my other brother says they probably aren't the best thing to catch to try to stay alive in the woods. I would tend to agree ;)


A book came from Paperbackswap.com in our forwarded mail; Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt. It should be interesting. I'm also in the middle of reading Judgment Day, by the same guy. I can't say that I agree with everything he says, but it's very interesting. Most of it consists of what I believe to be sound things. Pagan Invasion was also good. A novel that he wrote was good, but I don't remember the name.

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