Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last night at about 9:30 I saw a flash outside and the electricity went out. We all just stopped what we were doing and wondered what was going on. Dad looked outside and pointed out that all of the electricity at the stores around us (including Walmart) had gone out. I said I thought I saw a flash of light and asked if anyone else saw it. Well it happened again, and I saw a big flash and a lot of sparks from one of the power poles. Then we pulled out cameras (dead batteries!) and all watched while 3 or 4 more flashes happened, between which all of the electricity at the stores was going on and off. Then after a few minutes everything turned back on. It was strange seeing the Walmart parking lot totally black with no lights on. Then one by one, the lights turned back on and warmed up to full light. Carol asked this morning at Walmart and they said it happens fairly often because of the wind here, and that they sometimes have to throw out all of their freezer food because they run out of generator!!! It was a little excitement for us all :D I started wondering what it would be like if we lived in a country where there were frequent power outages, or very little electricity. Different, for sure. And dark.

If you haven’t already voted in the primaries, I urge you to get out and do so (unless you’re voting for Huckabee, in which case you can stay home :D) All kidding aside, if you’re not voting for Ron Paul take a serious look at what he’s saying about our country, why he’s running for president, and who he is, and then go vote for him! He made 2nd place in Maine, which is fantastic. If only I had a picture of the signs we have at home (hung from our second story porch so no one will vandalize them), I would post it now.

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