Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last night we sang at the birthday party. It turned out great and we were able to sing for a very eclectic mix of people, both saved and not saved. Earlier in the day it had been raining, and rain had been forecasted for night so we weren't sure if it was going to be outdoors or not. When we got there it was a nice, not too cool night. While we were setting up the sky turned bright pink, and when it got dark you could see the moon go in and out from behind clouds. God's handiwork is amazing :)

While we were setting up, partly under a deck, I saw a small, dark object fall on the ground. It was a small black screw. I thought it was strange because we weren't under the deck where we were standing. I didn't know where it had come from, but for some very odd reason, I tucked it in my skirt and then forgot about it. This morning, I was in the bathroom on the bus and I saw a short black screw. I immediately thought "Oh no! I stole it. What if someone at the house really needed that?" And then my second thought was "Thank GOD!" I recognized it as the screw to my tuner that stays clipped to the head of my guitar :) It'll stay together for a short time without a screw, but eventually it'll fall apart. I started wondering where the nut might be, but when I got to my case I found the nut hadn't fallen out. Little things like that are so amazing. The last time the screw fell out (and since this is reoccurring, I know I need to fix it permanently.) it was at a truck stop and it was the same type of thing, I didn't see it fall but I picked it up because my dad always says metal things should never be thrown out, they should go in the metal scrap pile. So out of habit (sort of) I picked it up, and later realized my tuner was missing one.

While I've been at the Myers I've made three quilts with the help of Hannah, Carol blogged some pictures (one of which I'm going to take, I hope she doesn't mind!). Ths one in the picture is the first one (and the one Carol is holding is her first too), then I made two others, a blue and a pink one. I know they aren't full sized, but they are baby quilts, after all ;)

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Have a great, blessed Sunday everyone!

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