Monday, November 13, 2006

I started cutting a quilt Saturday, Sunday we had a concert in CT, and today I spent a lot of time piecing the quilt. Here are some pictures.

Here are ALL of the pieces, except the binding and the backing.
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(I haven't calculated yet how many pieces there are altogether.)

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Carol decided she was going to take a picture. That square there on the table is one of the first two I made, one of each color combination. Hannah Myers in Kentucky taught me how to do it (THANK YOU HANNAH :) but I scaled it down a little. Instead of 9 1/2" squares these are 7 inches.

Ok, additions to the post (I edited this.)

Here's a batch of pizza dough I made last time I cooked. It used a whole 5 lb bag of flour, plus some! It made over 8 pizzas and cinnamon buns the next morning.
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And does


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